Welcome in our Osteria, here the landlord is me!

I’m made following the traditional receipt from the center Italy region: Emilia Romagna.
On my restaurant you don’t have to order me, i’ll be always on your table, warm, and served in a wicker basket. You only have to choose the side between cold cuts or cheeses.
You can choose from a long menu with 25 different types of cold cuts, and 7 seasoned raw hams. As well as 20 different types of cheeses that goes from cow’s milk, goat and sheep milk , to fresh or seasoned.

Our Speciality

Gnocco Fritto Milano cucina

Our menu

In our “osteria” we don’t serve only gnocco fritto, cold cuts and cheeses, you can enjoy as well our unique “Tigelle”, always from Emilia Romagna, that are perfectly together with Lard pate from Modena and our fabulous sauces…
or even more you can have the sweet version, with Nutella.
Everyday we prepare our Homemade Pasta:
Duck sauce Tagliatelle ,Boar Pappardelle ,Tortelli di Magro and many others…
To finish off your meal, we have our homemade desserts, from the classics ones, like the genuine italian taste “Tiramisu”, the pear and chocolate cake, or the orange & gran marnier chilled cream, as well as the traditional “Panna cotta”, with melting caramel filling.

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